All packages are discreet....  Plain brown box shipped by UPS with a return address label from "Custom Computer"   I also try to honor any special requests you put on the order form... such as removing labels from the videos or marking the package "personal".

Sorry, no PO Boxes.
If this is a problem, I highly recommend renting a private mail box at a Mail Boxes, etc kind of place, these are usually only $10 to $15 per month and usually accept packages from all major delivery companies... US Mail, UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc....
Also, we can usually ship to your nearest UPS facility where they will hold the package a few days for you to pick it up.

Hawaii and Alaska add $10-$20 to shipping charges - 2nd Day air, ground shipping not available.  The amount added depends on the size of the order... 1-2 videos or up to 8 DVD's - $10.. 3-5 videos or up to 20 DVD's - $15, etc.

Insured - Lost packages - All USA orders are insured.  We have had a few customers take advantage of us, so we now require that he CUSTOMER file a claim with UPS in the even of a lost/stolen/damaged package.  We MAY sometimes be able to re-ship the order while the claim is being processed.

If you pay by credit card, the charge on your statement will show up as "Custom Computer Solutions"

Your information is COMPLETELY confidential.  NONE of your info will be distributed to ANYONE.

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