Gran Paradiso

Another great video from Xray.  Lots of dildos, Fisting, ANAL Fisting, and DP Fisting!  Hot women.  
Two men come to a hotel and sit in the bar. The bartender is a hot blonde woman and she comes to their table. She's not wearing any pants. She brings them a tray of small vibrators and hand gel. The men don't know what to do with it. They ask the waitress, who is a hot GREEN HAIRED woman, what to do. She comes over with the bartender and she puts a vibrator into the bartender's pussy. The men understand, and take over, putting them into the bartender's pussy and ass.
The owner is at her desk working, she's a hot brunette. The green haired waitress comes in then leaves. The two men come in to see her. They unzip their pants and show her their penii. She sucks their dicks. One man fucks her from behind. She has a hot skinny body. The other man fucks her. She gets on top of him and fucks him, including anal. The other man leaves. He goes outside and the waitress introduces him to a hot brunette. Both women suck his dick. The brunette has a hot skinny body and big tits. He fucks her. The waitress plays with her own big tits. He fucks the brunette in the ass and the waitress rubs her own shaved pussy. He finally fucks the waitress and the brunette masturbates.
A man is sleeping on a couch. The bartender and a new brunette come in and wake him up. The brunette is HOT, HOT, HOT with huge tits. The women kiss him and suck his dick. The blonde sits on his face. She gets on top of him and fucks him. The brunette gets on top of him and fucks him. He fucks her in the ass. He fucks the blonde in the ass.
The HOT brunette and bartender get into bed with the owner. The women feel each other up and suck each other's tits. The brunette eats out the bartender then fucks her with a vibrator, while the owner fucks the brunette with a vibrator. The owner helps the other two women fuck each other with a double ended dildo. She puts it in their asses. She goes to the couch and fucks herself with a dildo. The women come over and lick and rub her body. The bartender FISTS the owner's ass, then the brunette gets her FIST into the owner's pussy (DP).  90 min  Original Euro packaging        Now on DVD   $15.00      (was $35)
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