Pain 71

HOT young blonde slave, she IS over 18, but looks about 17, has LONG blonde hair PIC 1, and a tight young body with small but perky tits.. Dom guy has her on a leash, makes her EAT dog food.. then ties her so she is hanging upside down from a wooden frame. He whips her all over for a long time, she is very vocal during this. Dom guy unties her, ties her feet to a spreader bar and lifts her up in the air for a LOT more whipping.. but now she has weights hanging from her nipples.. she lets him know the weights and whipping are hurting. This guy just keeps whipping her.. he lowers her a little so he can work her back and ass more, really starts leaving some color and marks on her ass and back.. next, he lowers her more, puts lube on her AWESOME little shaved pussy, fingers her to get her really lubed up, then inserts a candle.. Fucks her pussy with the candle for quite a while, even fingers her tight little asshole! Now she gets a candle up her ass, for a candle DP PIC 2, she is NOT happy about it!! He leaves the candle in her pussy, lights them both PIC 3, and starts dripping wax all over her ass and thighs! The dom has two dildos mounted on a "horse", she starts with the small one, sits on it and starts fucking herself with it, then on to the large one, she's really getting off on it (me too!) She lowers herself to take the whole dildo up her pussy, to the balls!! PIC 4 He ties her down on a bed, spread eagle, puts clothespins on her pussy, she's really screaming "NIH, NIH" (no no).. so he takes them off and fucks her pussy with a black dildo. He lets her piss in a pan, then puts it to her face and pours on her face while she's begging him not to... 45 min, then we have some good previews from other PAIN videos... Excellent quality.  Cover Pics Below 
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