Hard Games 5 - Dreams of M 

This is a continuation of HG4 Lust with needles (see HERE). Slave M (aka Anita F.) is masturbating while she dreams. Her first fantasy is her and a brunette fingering each other. Slave M and her friend both have pierced pussy lips, and Slave M has AWESOME tits with pierced nipples. M gets 4 fingers into her friends pussy, then eats her pussy a little. The brunette is a small, cute Frenh lady, keeps yelling Oui when she has M's fist in her pussy. M Fists her, take a while for her to get all the way to the wrist, but she has a LOUD orgasm! M is by herself again, touching and stretching her pierced pussy, licking her fingers cleaned, fingering her ass, etc. Now the french girl eats M's asshole like a starving person eating steak!! Pic 1   Then she shoves 4 fingers in & out of M's asshole. Pic 2  M straps on a dildo and gives the french girl a good long fuck.. then they call a guy to come join them. They both lick and suck his dick together. Occasionally the scene switches back to M with 3-4 fingers up her ass   Pic 3  and the other hand rubbing her pussy, then licking her fingers clean. The guy fucks the french girl, but M pulls his dick out and licks it clean every few minutes, then shoves it back in so he can fuck some more! M licks the girls asshole while the guy is still fucking the pussy, then she guides the guy's dick into the French girls asshole.. Frenchie gets a good ass fucking! M licks the dick clean straight from Frenchie's ASS!!! Then shoves it back in!! Now it's M's turn for an ass fucking!! and Frenchie also licks the dick clean, straight from M's ass!! Both girls take more ass fucking and ass to mouth cock sucking!! The guy keeps fucking their asses, then finally cums in the French girl's mouth, the girls pass the cum back and forth from mouth to mouth. To finish off this video there are several clips - short scenes of fisting Pic 4 , needles in the tits, needles in pussies, etc... I do not remember seeing the pissing scene from the front cover, maybe I looked away and missed it? Either way, this is a HOT video, Slave M has an incredible body and really enjoys needles, eating pussy and ass, and getting fucked in the ass!! 60 min.
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