Hard Games 4- Lust with Needles

Featuring Slave M (aka Anita Feller) HOT Slave M sits in front of a mirror rubbing her pussy & tits, and shoving needle after needle into her tits.. we cut back and forth from this scene to a scene of an attractive late 30's blonde mistress whipping her and making her lick her pussy... the blonde Mistress also french kisses her then spits in her mouth. More needles in her tits.. now the mistress fucks her ass with a black strap-on dildo. The mistress fucks her very thoroughly... Now it's time for her to drink a guy's piss and suck his dick. The guy cums on her face and she licks everything up and swallows... Now it's M's turn to whip the blonde mistress. M also eats and fingers the blonde's asshole.. she REALLY loves to eat ass!! The blonde licks the fingers clean. M also pisses in the blonde's mouth and all over her tits. The blonde returns the favor, pissing in M's mouth, then kissing her to get a taste!! each of these scenes cuts back to M rubbing her pussy and putting dozens of needles into her tits until she finally gets off!! M still has all the needles in her tits, she lays back with her pussy raised in the air and becomes her own water fountain, getting a good taste of her own piss! 58 min.  

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