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F131 - Redhead anally fisted

Very cute redhead is attacked outside by 2 guys who both fuck her ass... then inside the really put her through the paces...
Some of the action includes:
A large speculum to stretch her pussy open
Lots of anal sex
Long black anal probe even shoves almost the entire handle up her ass, just an inch or so sticking out!! Then pounds her ass with it hard and deep!
Anal fisting, more than once
Thick glass inserted anally, guy fucks the inside of the glass while it's in her ass.
vaginal fisting (almost to the wrist - takes it deeper in her ass)
Uses large syringe to squirt a lot of milky white liquid up her ass, she squirts it into a plastic bowl, and they fill her up again.
Speculum is used to hold her ass wide open so both guys can give her a "golden" enema!!
There is also sex, anal sex, and blowjobs throughout the video. about 1 hour
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67 minutes, good video quality for an amateur video.  
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