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Next is a woman fisting another woman laying on her back for several minutes, then fists her more in doggy position. A black woman is in a "love sling", her white girlfriend uses a large dildo to open up her pussy, then fists her, then a guy gets to fist her, she tells him to keep twisting it, so he does, and shoves it in and out. Next, a black guy gets to fist her, his hand looks like it's going to be too big, but he gets it all the way in to the wrist and works it, twisting and jamming it in.
2 older amateur women with piercings, one's pussy other's tits, use a thin rope run through all of their piercings to tie themselves together! They use the rope to pull on each other's piercings, then one fists the other for several minutes, then they hook the pussy rings from one lady to the nipple rings of the other and pull on each other's rings. ends abruptly.
Quality is fair to poor, older amatuer video, but great action with real amatuer people.       Sample Picture     
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