F138  Japanese Fist & Anal Fist

Japanese lady is writing characters with a paint brush, guys shoves the brush up her butt and holds her up in the air to write on the paper with the brush sticking out of her butt! The lady's clothes are removed, her hands are tied behind her back and another lady writes on her with lipstick.
Now the lady who was writing on her has on gloves and uses baby oil to start working her whole hand into her pussy! After a few minutes of fisting, 2 guys carry her into the bedroom and throw her on the bed... there is sucking, fucking, ass fucking while she has a vibrating egg in her pussy, etc...
Next she is in a gyno chair, still has the vibrating egg in her pussy, and is given an emema with a large syringe. After holding it a while,she expels the enema, most of it misses the pan. More fucking and another enema.
Next she is in doggy position as the gloved lady starts fingering her ass. Looks like she is twisting 3 fingers all around in her ass. She gets all 5 fingers up her ass and twists them around while our girl squeals. She then gets DP'd with green and black vibrators, then goes back to 4 and 5 fingering her ass!! She keeps twisting and pushing to get it deeper! This goes on for a long time, you can tell she's pushing hard when the girl SQUEALS!! The lady finally goes for it, she shoves HARD and works and works as the girl squeals and squeals, and she gets her whole fist up her ass!!! The lady pulls her fist out after a short time and you can tell the girl is exhausted!      Sample Picture     
* Japanese videos have mosaic censoring covering genitals.
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