A cute brunette is at her apartment when her friend comes by. They get straight to business... one licks the other's asshole then shoves a couple of fingers into her ass... while she lubes up her hand, the lady tries to fist her own ass, getting most of her hand in... then her friend shoves all five fingers in and works her hand in and out for a while until she gets her whole fist in. She self-fists her ass again... she's been on her hands and knees, and lays on her back now for more ass fisting. After a LONG anal fisting the fistee licks the feet of the fister, then lubes her foot and sits on it, taking part of the foot up her ass and bouncing on it! the end... only about 30 minutes, but ALL action!  Quality is grainy at times but still easy to enjoy the anal fisting action.     Sample Picture     

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