A blonde and a tattooed brunette explore anal fisting, each one getting anally fisted at least twice.  The brunette shoves her whole fist up the blonde's ass, she twists and pumps her fist as the blonde rubs her clit.  After a pretty lenghty anal fisting, the blonde licks the brunettes asshole, then lubes her fingers and starts fingering the brunette's ass.  The blonde gets her fist all the way into the brunette's ass and pumps and twists her fist as the brunette moans and groans.  Now the brunette lays on her back and has her ass fisted AGAIN!!  After twisting her fist in the brunettes ass a while, the blonde wants her ass fisted again!!  There is also quite a bit of kissing.
About 30 minutes - all action, quality is sometimes grainy but still easy to enjoy the action.   Sample Picture     
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