F212  Euro Fisting DVD/Video

Master has a slave with a very nice body, huge nipples. He chains her hands to the ceiling, hits her a few times with a whip, puts clothespins all over her stomach and on her nipples, whips her a little more, then uses a strap on dildo to fuck her pussy and ass... he only fucks her pussy a little, but fucks her ass hard for a long time!! Now he whips her more and pours hot wax on her tits and stomach, then on her ass.. now he uses 2 dildos to DP her pussy and ass!! He uses even another dildo to fuck her pussy while she has a glass buttplug up her ass. Now he unchains her hands and puts her on the ground in face-down, ass-up position... he fingers her for a few seconds and then forces his hand all the way into her pussy!! He doesn't just leave it in, he pulls the biggest part of his hand in and out of her pussy and fists her for a long time...!!
There is a couple of minutes of another bondage scene at the end but it ends abruptly.

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