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Now she has nipple clamps on her long nipples and is fucking herself with a bottle again, big end first, shoved all the way into her pussy. Now she has a can shoved into her pussy until only an inch is sticking out. She pulls the can 1/2 way out so you can clearly see it is Budweiser, how's that for product placement!!! After fucking the can for a LONG time, she gets fisted again. The guy puts a speculum in her pussy, cranks it open, then fills her pussy with his piss!! Then pisses all over her stomach!!
Now she sits on an "Arizona Tea" bottle, which is really thick... she sits on it neck first, taking it pretty deep.
Lastly, clips from other videos including some whipping, a woman in leather with a leash walking around practically naked in public, a brunette being DP'd by a black and white guy while kissing a blonde, then the black guy fucking the blonde's ass, and more.

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