F220  Euro Fisting DVD/Video

Four women please each other with strap-ons, fingers and mouths. One woman finally fists another, in several positions. Next she shoves a large bottle into her pussy, big end first, and a dildo in her ass. She takes a larger champagne bottle and shoves it big-end first into her friend's pussy, really twisting it to get it in there. She uses other objects to stretch her friend's pussy, including a small statue and a can shoved all the way into her pussy! Now she uses an even thicker, black bottle that takes a bit of work to fit in her pussy, but finally goes in deep. Now she shoves the neck of a big bottle into her friend's ass! She shoves another bottle into her pussy for a DP! She takes the bottle from the ass, straight to the pussy. After using another bottle and can, she goes back to fisting. She fists her really good, even gets both hands almost all the way in at the same time. Now she fucks her ass with a dildo while fisting her pussy! When she takes the dildo out of her ass, it is a bit "dirty"! Now she lubes her whole foot, and her friend sits on her foot!! Taking it into her pussy to the heel!! (heel doesn't go in). She takes her foot out, and then shoves it back in, but in a different position. The end. 60 min.
Video is sometimes shaky and pauses for a few seconds, quality is fair to good. Amateur video.

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