F221  Japanese ANAL Fisting DVD/Video

Pretty Japanese lady anal fisted by guy - no censoring!!
Pretty Japanese lady fingers her own ass and fucks her ass with a vibrator. Now our lady plays with a middle aged, OK looking lady. Middle aged lady kisses younger lady, eats her ass (she really gets into the ass eating!), she fingers her ass, then uses a dildo to fuck her friend's ass. She takes a thin dildo, lubes it up and shoves it deep into her friend's ass. Now she takes a thick brown dildo with a suction cup, and helps her friend sit and bounce on it, takes a little work for her to take it all, but she starts bouncing on it all the way down to the balls!! Finally she jumps off of it, her ass is gaping and puckered.
Now we watch our lady in the bathroom giving herself enemas to clean her ass out. Lady1 is with a young guy (21 or so), she kisses his chest, they fool around a while, he starts fingering her ass, he tries to start with 3 fingers, but then goes to 1 finger, he gets to 3 fingers - jamming them hard, he works up to 4 fingers, 5 fingers, then she helps him push his whole hand into her ass!! He fists her for a long time, pushing in and out and twisting!!
Now there are 4 or 5 guys taking turns fingering her ass and filming it close-up. All of the guys get to finger her ass, she 5 fingers her own ass, tries to fist her own ass but can't get her arm to reach. All the guys take turns coming up and jerking off onto her stretched out asshole.
End... Ladies pussies are covered by large band-aids, so there isn't any censoring on the anal action!!
Lots of previews from other Japanese videos.

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