F223     4 Anal Fistings DVD/Video

Two HOT brunettes kiss a little. One is tattooed and has a piercing between her chin and lip. Tatt girl eats the other's pussy and ass, then starts fingering her ass, she gets 5 fingers in pretty fast, but takes a while to work up to the wrist. Once she gets to the wrist, the lady being fisted reaches back and pulls her friend's arm to make her fist go in and out of her ass!! She fists her ass in doggy position taking the fist all the way out and back in several times... Then she has her lay on her back, eats her pussy again, and fists her ass more!! She takes the fist all the way in and out several times again!!
Now the tables are turned and Tatt lady gets eaten and ASS FISTED!! Her friend doesn't take long to get her whole fist into Tatt ladies' ass, she fists it pretty good for several minutes... then a guy shows up. One lady sucks his cock while the other eats his ass!! The one eating his ass also fingers his ass, he stops her, but she pushes his hand away and fingers it some more. The guy fucks one up the ass, and Tatt does a little "ass to other girl's mouth" action. After some good ass-fucking and ass to mouth, the guy fists Tatt girl's ass, not to the wrist, but the biggest part of his hand is in there stretching her ass out!! The girls finish him off by mouth.
Extra scene - A lady is on her knees leaning over a low bed as a guy fingers her ass, squirts lube into her ass, when she pushes, she has a little prolapse it looks like. This guy has a HUGE hand, it takes some work to get it all the way in, but once it's in, the lady reaches back to make him push in and out harder!! After several minutes of SERIOUS ASS FISTING, the guy pulls his hand out, and there is some pretty EXTREME ANAL PROLAPSE!!

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