F225  Japanese Fisting DVD/Video

Very pretty Japanese lady is thoroughly fisted by another lady, for a long time, then licks the hand clean!   She is fucked by two guys in her pussy at the same time, double vag!!  They do it in the normal DP position (not doing DP, but doing double vag in that position) then they do something I haven't seen... she has the guys lay against each other, she holds their dicks together and sits on them, doing another double vag!! 
She also has several guys piss all over her, filling her mouth over and over!
She gets fucked by several guys at a time... then by 2 or 3 big black guys while others watch..  She takes enemas of some kind of thick colored liquid.. they fill her up with several syringes, she expels, and they do it again!!
While several guys are fucking her, they are giving her internal cum shots, mostly in her ass, she shits it out into a glass over and over... then DRINKS it!!!!

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Japanese movies have mosaic censoring over genitals as required by Japanese Law.



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