F227  Japanese Bondage, Fisting and Anal Fisting and DP FISTING

I think one of the submissives is the teacher from F206??
We have two pretty Japanese ladies making out. They go to a bar and get drugged by the hot, tattooed bartender lady.
They wake up in bondage, where the tattooed lady whips them and fists both ladies, first one then the other. The 2nd one pisses all over the place after she has been fisted! She moves them so they are hanging one in front of the other. She has them one behind the other. She fists the back one while the back one fists the other one, a daisy chain of fisting!! One of the ladies gets fisted twice, the other gets fisted a total of at least 5 times in this video!!!
The next couple of scenes are just the tattooed lady and the lady from F206, she gets fisted, whipped, fisted, has hot wax poured all over her, WHIPPED HARD, leaving good marks, fisted.... then she gets ASS FISTED and PUSSY FISTED at the same time!!!! DP FISTING!!!!

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Japanese movies have mosaic censoring over genitals as required by Japanese Law.



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