F229  German Fisting

3 or 4 guys take this pretty lady to a dungeon room, she is tied on a gyno table.  They use dildos on her ass. They fill her ass with several large syringes of liquid, she struggles to hold it in as he keeps her ass plugged with his finger.
More enemas, big carrot, small eggplant, banana, peeled banana, pumps air, cherry tomatos, more enemas, a whole hot dog, a few more hot dogs, pumps more air, several tootsie rolls, more liquids from the syringe - looks like molasses or honey and cream - one syringe of each...
Her asshole looks really messed up and puckered by now. But they give her several more enemas, hold her ass open with a speculum and shove a lot of green peas deep in her ass while she cries and complains! With the peas still in, they mix up eggs and what loos like hamburger meat and put some in her ass, then use a large syringe of water to force that stuff deeper into her ass while she cries out... she shoots this stuff several feet out of her ass!! More enemas. They have her lay on her back, pull her legs back so she is almost upside down, hold her ass open with the speculum and they cum inside her ass!! They put small live eels inside her asshole, she goes crazy screaming, crying and complaining, but they shove a couple more into her ass!! They clean her out with a water enema. Now they put two bottles of red wine in an enema bag and give her a wine enema.. she squirts wine everywhere!! Now she sucks a guys dick until he cums, then she gets fucked in the ass by one guy while another guy fucks her mouth!! They fuck her long and hard... at the end they put fireworks sparklers in her ass and light them!! When those go out, they shove a bouquet of flowers up her ass.

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