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Scene 1 - Cute girl ass fists, then DP fists hot brunette, boyfriend watches, then fucks and ass fucks the girl who was doing the fisting.
Scene 2 - 2 girls (look 18-19 yrs old), 2 guys and a Piano(?) One girl in hot pink and pigtails, HOT!! Pinky gets fucked doggy style over the piano, then gets assfucked on the couch, then DP'd! More fucky-sucky, guys cum on girls faces.
Scene 3 - HOT brunette with a guy on the couch, dildos in pussy and ass, BJ, 1-2-3 fingers her ass while she sucks him, then she rides him cowgirl and he keeps fingering the ass, rolls her on her side to fuck her ass, then she bounces her ass on his dick in reverse cowgirl, doggy style anal, hard ass fucking, then 2-3-4 fingers her ass hard, she licks his fingers clean, tries to fist her ass, but it won't fit, so he puts two dildos in her ass, then fucks it more with his dick, plenty of ass to mouth. Cums in her mouth.
Scene 4 - same players from scene 1, more fisting, and 2 hands in the pussy fisting for the brunette, even sucks dick while she has 2 fists in her pussy! Guy and girl slip to the side and start fucking. cut to:
Scene 5 - short haired waitress we see between other scenes gets a guy to herself, sucks his dick, licks his balls, gets fucked, takes a LONG ass fucking, cums in her mouth..
Back to scene 4 - the fisted girl comes over and helps the girlfriend milk the guy's dick...
Trailers from Slave to the Fist DVD.. the girl who was ass fisted and double pussy fisted appears to also be in Slave to the Fist DVD you can see it HERE.  About 90 min.    $37.00    Boxcover Pic


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