Drei Fauste Im Arsch

6 Fistings, 3 Anal Fisitngs, Guy in Drag takes 3 fists at once from the ladies!!

LOTS of action in this one!  Even if you leave out the guy getting fisted, this video still has TONS of Fisting!
Attractive brunette frosted to blonde gets Fisted, Anally Fisted, DP Fisted - she takes it ALL!!
Tiny blonde (maybe 100lbs or less?) gets Fisted, Anally Fisted, and DP Fisted, how does it all fit in her TINY body??  Another blonde is with this AMAZINGLY HOT black girl.. she Fists the black girl while licking her asshole!! Another hot blonde with pierced nipples gets fucked with a double dildo, then takes a big meaty fist in her pussy.   There is just to much to keep up with!! There is also ass fucking, ass fucking while fisted, and the guy in drag that gets 1-2-3 fists at once from these HOT little chicks... this guy is gonna have to wear diapers from now on!  About 90 min.   Perfect quality in original Euro Box $35.00      Boxcover Pic      Rear Box Pic                    NOW ON DVD



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