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Next scene - Big titted blonde in her 30's takes on two guys, fucking, sucking, double pussy fucking, DOUBLE ANAL FUCKING, younger blonde from the last scene comes in and FISTS the older blondes ASS for long, hard, and deep!! Older blonde sucks off one guy while she has a fist in her ass, then she leaves the younger blonde to suck and fuck the last guy. She lets him fuck her, then ass fuck her and cum all over her.
Next scene - new blonde with the brunette from the first scene and a guy.. brunette puts on a stap-on dildo, fucks the blondes pussy and ass while blonde sucks the guy's dick. Another guy shows up to really fuck the blonde's ass. This blonde is one of the most "FUCK ME" looking women I've seen in a long time, this is a HOT scene.
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       DVD  $15.00

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