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This movie starts with a guy being worked over by 2 girls. The camera pulls out and you see that they are in some sort of room with a glass hole in the ceiling that has a business man and his assistant watching. The businessman and the assistant get hot watching this scene and fuck including an anal. In the room, the brunette gets analed and finally FISTS the blonde! We move on and now a brunette and some guy are fucking. He anals her and a dark haired girl shows up and fists the brunette while she is being fucked in the ass! The blonde assistant and the business man are watching this while playing with themselves. All of the sudden a tiny blonde shows up and FISTS the assistant while she is standing up! The assistant and businessman move onto this wild orgy that includes a HOT scene of a woman being ANALLY FISTED!!! There is also a BIZARRE scene where this guy is laying down and two women have their asses placed over his face and dick. Each woman has this strange object in their ass and a guy YANKS these out both at the same time which causes the women to expell some sort of white liquid all over him! WILD!! After expelling, these hot women grab some dick and get analed. The tape ends with everyone coming all over the assistants face! GORGEOUS WOMEN!!!     Now on DVD   Only $15.00

       DVD  $15.00

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