New Releases - Oct 12, 2015

OK - our site is out of room!!   We will have to start removing some older titles. 
After this month we will remove some of the "500" titles.. DVD 525 to DVD 550.  $10 each, use comments at checkout to add these to your order. 
Please scroll down to those titles and get any that you'd like before it is too late.

1838 - HOT MILF BLONDE with AMAZING TITS in 3 scenes of HUGE TOYS - ANAL and PUSSY with PROLAPSE.  The speculum is opening her ASS!

Pictures                                   Add to Cart            $10.00

1839 -  3 scenes of HUGE ANAL TOYS, ANAL FISTING and PROLAPSE.

Pictures                                  Add to Cart             $10.00

1840 -  3 scenes of HUGE ANAL TOYS, ANAL FISTING and PROLAPSE.

Pictures                                 Add to Cart            $10.00

1841 - Attractive blonde shoving a brush up her pussy, has a funnel shoved up her ass and her friend PISSES in it... WARNING - there is some POOP visible.

Pictures                                Add to Cart            $10.00

1842 -  One of our favorite ANAL STARS in a long cam session - HUGE ANAL SPECULUM, bananas up her ass, HUGE dildos, etc.

Pictures                                Add to Cart            $10.00

1843 - Attractive blonde has PUSSY SEWN CLOSED, NAILS POUNDED INTO HER ASS, and other similar fun!

Pictures                                Add to Cart            $10.00


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