S101 - Two men in leather are sitting, talking and smoking. Two women in raincoats, a blonde and brunette, enter the room and kneel at the men's feet. The women kiss and lick the masters' boots. The women stand up and take off each other's coats. They are wearing chains and leather. They show their bodies off to the masters. They make them spread their pussies. They play a game where the slaves pick a card and read off the punishment. The men throw clips at them. The blond squats and puts clips with weights on her labia and nipples. The brunette does the same. The brunette gets on her hands and knees and one master crops her ass. They hand the crop to the blonde and make her crop the brunette's ass. They make the brunette rub her own clit, lie on her back still rubbing and the blonde sits on her face. The blonde stands up and faces the wall. A master canes her ass then makes her kneel. They stand the brunette against the wall and cane her ass. The brunette gets on her hands and knees and a master drips wax onto her ass. The blonde kneels next to her and he drips wax onto her ass. The masters take the clips off their labia and crops their asses. They sit them up and take the clips off their nipples. They get a stool and on it put a board with lots of nails sticking up. The blonde is made to sit on the board. They kneel her on the floor and make her put her chest on the board and the brunette lies on top of her (cover pic). The masters crops their asses. They paddle their asses. They remove the board, make the brunette lie on the stool, and the blonde on top of the brunette. The men whip their asses. They put the women side by side on their hands and knees and the men crop their asses. They stand the women up and put clips with chains on their labia. They put clips with chains on their nipples which connect. They put a long wooden block on the floor, make the women squat, connect the labia clips to the block, then make the women stand up and lift the block while the masters crop their asses. They make them stand and squat repeatedly, then take off all the clips and let the women lick each other's nipples. The blonde sits on the little stool and a master puts needles through her tits and pussy. He canes her thighs. The men leave and make the women clean up. 59 min             sample 1       sample 2       sample 3         sample 4        sample 5   


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