S102  This video begins with a girl locked in a cage. The Master lets her out and begins whipping her ass. He hangs her by the arms and places mouse traps on her breast as well as nipple weights. He whips her pussy. In the next scene, he is sticking birthday candles on her breast, and then he ligts the candles. He sticks a huge vegetable in her pussy, finally ties it so it stays there, takes it out and uses a long cucumber to fuck her, then a huge candle. He drips hot wax on her, and then sticks a couple of birthday candles in her butt, ends abruptly. 56 mins quality mostly OK but does have a few glitches, cuts out for a couple of seconds 4-5 times, but good overall.         sample 1      sample 2       sample 3        sample 4       sample 5    


   DVD $8.00

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