S107 - aka Jap SM 426

Japanese lady sneaks into a man's house while she thinks he's gone, but he comes up from behind and knocks her out. When she wakes her arms and legs are securely tied. He unties her, strips her (VERY nice body), starts touching her all over, then answers the phone!! Hands her the phone and starts fingering her and going down on her!?! Next he's fucking her really hard while she's still on the phone. Cums in her mouth. Now she tries to get away, but he reties her. She struggles for a while, but she's not going anywhere. New Scene: Same cute asain(?) tied on a mattress in the floor. Different guy looks her over, lets her struggle, then unties her so she can suck his dick and get fucked. He fucks her thoroughly and cums in her open mouth. He throws her in a bathtub and hoses her down, including cleaning out her mouth. New scene - I think it's the same cute asian lady with her hair tied differently.. more good bondage and sex.. but when this guy cums in her mouth, then throws tissues on her face, she's crying (real tears). She gets tied up again and we have a brief scene that cuts back and forth between her in tight bondage and her getting fucked by 2 guys. This video doesn't have hard S&M, but has great bondage and a HOT asian lady getting fucked 3-4 times and always having her mouth open for the cum. Good quality, normal Japanese genital cencoring. 60 minutes.   
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