S266 Japanese S&M

A cute japanese lady in a schoolgirl uniform is dominated by 4 guys. She has very nice tits. They tie her up in different positions, fuck her wiht dildos, suspend her with rope, use a machine mounted thick dildo to fuck her pussy, they cover her tits, stomach and even her tongue with clothespins while the machine is still fucking her pussy!! They make the machine fuck her harder and faster. After a long fucking by the machine, we go to the next scene... she is being groped by all of the guys while she lays on a table. After a lot of groping, they all use candles to cover her tits and stomach with hot wax while she whines and cries!!
After she is completely covered in wax, they pull it off... they tie her in a standing position with her hands stretched above her head, she is whipped until she is REALLY crying. Her tits are whipped first, then when he gets to her ass he really hits hard, and the tears are pouring!!
After a good whipping, one of the guys fucks her on the table and cums on her face, the other guys also cum on her face.
Clips from other videos, VERY good clips!!

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Japanese videos/DVD's have mosaic censoring over the genitals as required by Japanese law.


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