S267 Japanese S&M

Very pretty Japanese lady is in a traditional kimono and is beaten with bamboo rods, first over her dress, then on her bare ass. She is held on the ground and beaten over and over. Next one guy fingers her while another chokes her. She sucks dick while getting spanked, then one fucks her from behind while another fucks her mouth. Now she's crying but they keep fucking her!! One of the guys beats her with a towel while fucking her mouth!! After a lot of fucking, she is standing up and tied so her arms are out across a pole while the guys use rolled up wet towels to beat her tits, legs and stomach!! They hit her about as hard as they can directly on her tits with these rolled up wet towels!!
Now she is laying on the ground and a different guy is slapping her tits hard, pulling and twisting them while she whines and cries. Now the guy whips her hard on her ass while she continues to cry... her legs are tied so she cannot get anywhere. After a long hard whipping, he pours hot wax on her ass, tits, etc. He waxes her for a LONG time, and puts the flame right against her tits several times, and even pours hot wax all over her tongue. Now she's suspended and whipped.
Another scene of bondage, tit slapping, and hot wax.
There are a few clips of other good Japanese S&M videos.

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