S271 Japanese S&M

Pretty slave and two masters are in a jail cell. One sits and watches while the other fucks her face, making her cry and gag. The sitting one threatens her with a large bamboo rod if she doesn't keep sucking the other guy. She is tied so that she is suspended, and whipped as she cries and screams. Hot wax is poured on her back while she screams, the flame is put very close to her skin. Hot wax is even poured in her mouth.
Now she lays on a bed and is fucked with a vibrator. There are more guys watching now as the leader holds a wand vibrator directly on her clit for a long time, finally she is screaming, shaking, and jerking all over the place!
Now it's another ladies turn. They drag her in, holding her down, pulling her hair, etc. She is in a schoolgirl uniform, they tie her in a standing position and two guys whip her while she cries. She is suspended, then let down, one guy chokes her while the other ties her ankle, then she is suspended from just one ankle while one guy slaps her ass then whips her. Now she is standing again, hands tied above her head, and the guy brings out a BULL WHIP!! The room is not big enough for him to give her the full force of this long whip, but he uses it enough to make her scream at the top of her lungs and cry. Then she gets the wand vibrator. He uses the vibe on her a while then whips her more. He uses the vibe again until she pisses all over herself. They put her on her knees and one guy fucks her face. He holds her hair and shoves his dick down her throat and fucks it like it was a pussy!! He cums in her mouth and holds his hand over her mouth. She won't swallow, so he finally lets her spit it out. One guy smokes, then PUTS THE CIG OUT ON HER TIT!! We see later that it left a NASTY BURN. Now it's time for more BULL WHIPPING. After the whipping, they put her on a bed, fuck her with a big ribbed vibrator while pouring hot wax on her legs, thighs, and tits. Her boyfriend? comes in and tries to help her, but the guys beat him up and whip him while she cries and screams... the end.

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Japanese videos/DVD's have mosaic censoring over the genitals as required by Japanese law.


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