S272 Japanese S&M

Kinda cute Japanese lady is tied up, master uses rope then string to pull really hard on her nipple until she cries. Now he uses nose hooks to pull her head and nose way back, looks painful. Now she is tied, standing on one leg, the master mixes up an enema in a large clear syringe. She takes the whole enema, but is crying once she's taken it all. She has trouble expelling with one leg pulled way up, so he lets her stand on both legs to expel. Now she's tied on her knees, he pumps several syringes of water into her ass while she cries and protests. He makes her expel into a clear bowl. He even paddles her while she's trying to expel. He gives her more enema, finally she's sitting on the floor surrounded by her "dirty water".
Now she's standing up with her hands tied above her while a guy whips her until her back is red and she's crying. He whips her HARD until she is jumping around, crying, and hyper ventilating. Her back is BRIGHT red from below her neck to the bottom of her ass, with some welts and bruising. He lets her down. end.

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Japanese videos/DVD's have mosaic censoring over the genitals as required by Japanese law.


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