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Two pretty Japanese ladies are tied so they are leaning over in a very uncomfortable position, they are whipped HARD by two guys as the scream and cry. They use a large syringe to fill each girl's ass with water while they cry and protest. They put several syringes into each girl's ass. After some expelling, they use dildos and hot wax on the ladies. Next is a milk enema, 4 large syringes of milk!! They shoot milk about 8 feet out of their asses!!!
Now we have a woman tied, sitting between 2 chairs as a guy licks her ass, then uses a dildo on her ass. He gives her an enema and teases her with the mess she expels.
Now we have a pretty lady tied up and stretched in a really bad position. The guy puts mean looking clips all over her stomach and tits, pours wax all over her, and whips her hard!! By now she is crying loud and breathing really hard. She has weighted clips hanging from her pussy, the guy whips her hard to knock them off while she cries!! When he lowers the bar her arms are tied to, she falls to the ground.. but now he moves it so he can get to her ass, which he shoves a dildo into and starts fucking her ass hard!! Next she gets an enema that she expels into a glass bowl, then a milk enema she expels into the bowl.... he pours it on her face!! He makes her suck his dick then fucks her from behind while she's still tied up. He cums in a condom and pours it in her mouth.
There are a couple of good clips, but you have to choose them from the main menu.

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Japanese videos/DVD's have mosaic censoring over the genitals as required by Japanese law.


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