S289 Hard Euro Fem/Fem S&M

Girl/Girl S&M with hard caning, really strong clamps and weights hung from nipples, suspended and caned more (leaving good marks), beats her tits with a riding crop, large needles/meat skewers shoved through tits!!! 2-3 in each tit!!! Metal hooks shoved through her tits and pulled tight!! She is suspended from wrists and ankles with her nipples pulled tight from the hooks in them, and beaten with a crop!! The big needles/skewers are pulled out of her tits, one tit has blood dripping off. Now she is suspended upside down from her ankles and caned HARD for a long time while she moans and cries through her gag. She's still hanging upside down, but the Dominant lady puts a chair under her head and sits on her face for a while. She uses hooks to stretch her pussy lips. She drops her head back down and uses the cane and crop on her ass and legs a LOT longer, hitting HARD!! The Dom girl is BRUTAL!! Now she beats the poor woman's tits with the riding crop. She gives her a few shots from the crop directly on her pussy!! She finally lowers her to the ground.
Scene 2 - the Dom girl wakes up the other one by hitting her with a cane a couple of times. She makes her get in a kneeling position and beats her ass HARD with a long cane. The Dom shoves a plug up the submissive's ass and uses a harness to keep it there. She makes her ride an exercise bike while being hit with the riding crop. The Dom beats her ass and even her tits while she rides.
The end. Good quality.

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