S307 Japanese S&M

Pretty Japanese lady in bondage and S&M
This guy is really rough on this lady.  After a lot of bondage, nipple abuse, suspension, etc... He fucks her mouth balls deep until she pukes at least 10 times.. many times he stays deep in her throat as she pukes and coughs aruond his dick. He holds his dick all the way down her throat while her eyes water and she heaves and looks like she gets close to passing out, does this several times. By the time he cums, she is covered in puke!!

He drips hot wax all over her, COVERS her pussy in hot wax, covers her back, and fucks her ass with his finger, then with a long string of beads. He fucks her ass with the beads until when he pulls it out, her ass prolapses pretty good, she pisses all over the place, and brown lube leaks out of her ass! He puts a vibrating egg deep in her ass, she sucks his dick, and he holds her face all the way down on his dick until she pukes again. She is tied in doggy style on a bench. Now he fucks her ass. He fucks her ass for a long time.. when he's done the cum runs out of her ass. She's still tied to the bench as he whips her hard, knocking the wax off. She begins crying pretty quickly as he is hitting HARD with the whip.

Good clips from other movies at the end, at least 10 minutes of great action.

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Japanese videos/DVD's have mosaic censoring over the genitals as required by Japanese law.


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