S312 Japanese S&M

2 1/2 hours of Japanese S&M action on 2 DVD's.  Price is for both DVD's.  Several scenes of hard bondage S&M.

Some of the highlights are:
Master fucks her mouth until she pukes several times.
the master puts a plastic bag over her head, he ties it so that she can breathe a little through her mouth, around the rope.. then he WHIPS HER HEAD!!!  She is screaming and crying. 
She is with 2 women, one spits in her mouth, the other bites her tongue hard... they whip her, hot wax, fuck her ass and mouth with strap-ons, and DP her with dildos. 
She is BULL-WHIPPED hard by one master..  and LOTS MORE!!!

         Sample Picture       More Pics      More Pics    More Pics    More Pics           DVD only  $25.00  (2 DVD's)

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Japanese videos/DVD's have mosaic censoring over the genitals as required by Japanese law.


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