SM 72

S72 (aka spanked and raped 5- fantasy rape-consenting actors)Starts with a decent looking brunette w/ nice body being slapped and having clothes ripped off by a guy. Has her against a wall, spanks her as her tears make her make-up smear. Ties her to a cross against the wall, whips her more, puts weighted clips on her nipples and pussy lips.. she continues REALLY crying through all of this. Takes the weights off, starts fingering her pussy, then..  BAM.. he's FISTING her pussy, and she DOES NOT LIKE IT!! Fists her really well for several minutes.  Now it's time for a needle in each tit and one or two in the pussy.. and hot wax from a candle. Removes needles, unties her, puts her on all fours on the ground for more whipping with a cat o' tails.. needless to say, she is still crying a LOT.. then he uses a crop, she's not liking it AT ALL!! Uses a brush with the hard metal bristles to beat on her tits, pussy, tongue, and HARD on the ass. Uses black paint to make a target on her ass, sticks over a dozen needles in her ass, then more hot wax.. more abuse, then he has her lay on plastic while he pisses all over her head and back, she's still crying and protesting. 50 min, quality B+.    $20.00            Sample Pictures  

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