Pain 76

Starts with a brunette and a man interrogating a blonde who is handcuffed o a chair, all wearing military uniforms. The interrogators make the blonde do push-ups, squats, etc, then hit her hands with a crop. Slaps her face a few times, hard enough to knock her hat off twice. Guy opens her shirt, pinches her tits, clothespins on the nipples, more pinching, then leans her over a chair to slap her ass and whip her. This guy does hit hard with the whip, makes the brunette do push-ups, and pulls her pants down for some whipping also. Guy makes the brunette lick his boots thoroughly, then opens her shirt to reveal smallish tits with nicely pierced nipples, he pulls and twists the nipples as far as they will go! Now he goes back to work on the blonde, this time on her nicely shaved pussy, pulling her lips open, twisting them, using clothespins and clamps, etc. Now crops the brunette's ass really hard while the blonde has weighted clamps hanging from her pussy, she's pretty unhappy when he pulls them off!! Now he uses the crop on the front of the brunette's thighs, then on the sides of her thighs, bends her over a wooden horse and pulls out a real wooden cane to work on her ass! He really puts some nice stripes on the brunette's ass with the cane! Then canes the blonde's feet! Now he uses a white wire brush to fuck the blonde's pussy, at first she tries to push it away, but once he starts fucking her pussy with it, and slapping her tits, she seems to be getting into it! Now he bends the blonde over the wooden horse to work on her ass with the whip, crop and cane! Now he gets a long dildo with a bulb head on it to fuck her ass, shoves it in, fucks a little, pulls the bulb out, back in, more ass fucking, then lets it hang while spanking her. Now he pulls out a chair that has 100+ thumbtacks on the seat, makes her sit on it 3-4 times, she REALLY screams during this.. He even whips her tits while she's sitting on the tacks! Then he pinches her nipples with pliers, more real screaming. Now he whips her tits and thighs while she's still sitting on the tacks, then pushes her down really hard to make sure she's getting the most from the tacks. The end. 65 minutes.    Sample Pictures 

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