Pain 78 - Video or DVD

A hot short-haired blonde is sitting in a chair as a brunette eats her pierced pussy, guy shows up, paddles the brunette, then crops the blonde's pussy. The brunette continues to eat blondie's pussy while getting her ass cropped, then eats blondie's asshole while getting her tits whipped! They put a leather harness over blondie's face and bend her over the chair to whip her ass and fuck her pussy with a long purple dildo, they also stretch her pussy lips open with clamps while fucking her with the dildo. They whip and fuck the blonde more, then open her shirt to show some NICE little tits with pierced nipples, which also get clamps! The blonde and brunette play tug-of-war with each other's nipples! The guy fucks blondie's pussy with a black dildo while the girls pull each other's nipples, then the brunette straps on a black dildo to fuck blondie from behind while the guy crops blondie's ass! Both girls are bent over on the floor and he works their asses with a paddle and a whip. Last 20 minutes is just the guy and brunette, makes her lick his shoes clean, weighted clamps and clothespins on her pussy, whipping, small pony buttplug in her ass, puts a gag in her mouth, puts clothespins on her tits and whips them off. He makes her crawl in circles during most of the whipping, finishes her off with another 20 or so whacks from the paddle, a few from a cane, and a few from the whip! 65 min.           Box Cover         

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