S133 Jap SM -Japanese Big Tit Bondage, Hot Wax, Fucking, Sucking, & Pissing!

1st scene - Adorable Japanese girl, about 19-20, with Huge tits gets tied up, fucked with a vibrator, guy fucks her mouth, she lets his cum drip out of her mouth down her chin, then he makes her lick wine off of her tits.... Now she's tied up in a bathroom and fucked with a vibrator again. Now she gets hot wax poured all over her tits while she holds the vibrator in her pussy! She's then covered with baby oil and plays with 2 vibrators... Lastly, she's tied across the top of an SUV, still naked, and driven through an abandoned street!
2nd scene - The last 1/2 of this video has another cute Japanese woman with big tits. She is bound, fucked with a vibrator, suspended in bondage and fucked more. The guy lets her down and fucks her mouth. She shows us his cum in her mouth, lets a little drip out but seems to swallow most of it. More bondage and dildo fucking... Hot wax dripped all over her ass while he fucks her with the vibrator, etc....   About 60 minutes, Good to good very good quality, genitals are censored per Japanese law, but doesn't distract from the action.        Video
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