S137  - Amateur Euro caning & whipping

Day 1
Sub is on all fours, with her leash tied to a radiator, she is caned very hard and is crying uncontrollably. Sub is laid on her back and tied with her legs together and straight up, exposing her ass for more punishment. She cries louder and more than any slave I've heard as her ass is beaten over and over. After more ass beating, she's allowed to dress and leave for the day..
Day 2
She returns (next day?) and removes her clothes to show a VERY BADLY BRUISED ASS. Master whips her directly on the pussy with a crop, then weights are hung from her pussy lips, stretching them several inches. Master makes her shake her tits back and forth, then makes her straddle a chair so he can cane her ass, now he makes her lay her tits on a board so he can CANE HER TITS, BRUTAL !! The master now uses a whip to cover her back and ass in welts, then crops her pelvis and tits. Her tits are caned in more positions as she counts out the blows. The slaves arms are pulled back together behind her and up, tied together so the master can beat her tits and ass more, with clamps hung from her nipples. She's then tied spread eagle to the wall for more whipping, tits covered with clothespins, etc. About 60 minutes of HARD amatuer S&M. Fair quality for this amateur European S&M video.  -      Sample 1     

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