S139  - Asian Breast Bondage & Spanking

Hot asian woman is stripped, tied up, gagged and then has her HUGE NICE TITS pinched, pulled, slapped, etc. Her hands are tied behind her back, to the ceiling so that she can turn back and forth, but can't really go anywhere... the guy starts slapping her tits really hard, she tries to turn away, but he just follows and keeps slapping as she whines and drools from her gag. After a LOT of tit slapping, she's forced to suck his dick, then he fucks her from behind.
The 2nd scene is softer, just ties hands and tits, makes her suck his dick, then fucks her with a condom.. when he finishes, he pours the cum on her tits.
3rd scene starts with bondage and gagging, the guy stuffs several small cloths or tissues in her mouth, then ties 2 gags over them... He then uses a vibrator on her tits, then fucks her with the vibe. He moves on to some good over the knee spanking. She tries to squirm away during the spanking, but he holds her down and keeps spanking while she whines and kicks her legs.
4th scene is just some breast bondage and kissing.
55 minutes normal mosaic censoring over genitals... good breast bondage, dom/sub play and spanking.     Sample 1     

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Japanese videos/DVD's have genitalia covered or censored digitally by law.

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