S149 Asian S&M w/Anal Fisting

A chubby Japanese woman wearing a black leather mask is forced to suck a guy's cock. He slaps her face and head, fucks her mouth, makes her suck his toes, ties her up with rope, whips her ass hard with a cat o' nine tails, gives her a rough fist-fucking, and then crams his whole hand up her ass. He gives her some bulb enemas and she expels into a small trash can while perched on a stool, then in the bathroom she gives herself many enemas with the shower nozzle and expels water, two thick turds, and a pile of messy shit on the floor. He stuffs a catheter in her pee hole and drains some piss onto the floor, then fist-fucks her asshole again. He sticks needles through her nipples and pokes her tits with a needle. No censoring 60 min   Sample Pictures    

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