S151 Asian S&M

An attractive Asian slave crawls outside, her master has her on a leash, she takes an enema, several syringes, which she holds while she is whipped. After several minutes of whipping, her master lets her start expelling, but continues to whip her as she expels. Next, she is tied to the side of a wooden bridge so that she cannot move, but her ass is sticking way out so her master can whip her and give her more syringe enemas. She takes at least 9 large syringes of water at one time!! Next, she is tied to a column on the front porch of a house, she is whipped very hard, then has hot wax poured all over her breasts (she has large breasts for an Asian). The master then uses the whip to beat the wax off of her tits, and to punish her ass when she turns away to save her tits! Next, she is bound so she cannot move her arms, and her tits are squeezed and tied into tight torpedos, which the master teases with a vibrator... She is then suspended upside down while he uses rubber bands to snap her tits, he continues to do this as she is on a table with her arms pulled way up behind her, can't believe how high they pull her arms! The master continues to torment her tits, whip her thighs and ass as she starts to openly cry! (this is consensual as they discussed the scene beforehand when the video opened). The master also ties her sitting in a chair, and inserts a catheter into the slavegirl and drains her piss into a plastic bowl while she whines and cries. Next she is hanging upside down again and takes an intense whipping on her stomach and breasts, she is REALLY screaming during this. She pisses a little more into the bucket and the video ends with the master and slave outside talking. 45 minutes. Very good Asian S&M     Sample Pictures       More Samples

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Genitals are censored in accordance with Japanese Law.
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