S155 Blonde S&M

A cute blonde woman walks into a garage and start snooping around. A man comes in and handcuffs her to a ladder. He lifts her skirt and looks at her nice ass. He goes to the other room and gets a man in leather and leather hood and brings him into the garage. The master questions her. The man lifts her skirt again and plays with her pussy. They turn her around and play with her tits. The master whips her ass and her thighs. He whips her pussy. The man unbuttons her dress and pulls down her bra. He pulls on her nipples and the master whips her tits. The man takes the handcuffs off and undresses her. They make her stand on the ladder and the master paddles her ass. They scratch her ass. He paddles her back. He throws the whip on the floor and makes her fetch it in her mouth on her hands and knees. They bend her over two wooden horses and the master ties her ankles and wrists to it. He whips her ass. He puts clothespins on her labia. He paddles her nice tits which are hanging down between the horses. He ties leather string around each tit. He puts clips on her nipples and ties them to the horse while she sucks the man's dick. The master paddles her ass and back. He whips her ass and paddles her legs. They untie her and make her stand up to pull off the nipple clips. The man takes off the clothespins. They lie her on her back on a desk. The master whips her stomach and tits. He shoves her panties into her mouth and whips her tits some more. He puts clothespins around her tits. He puts clips on her labia, spreads them apart with rope and wraps the rope around her legs. He puts chains on the clips for weight. He takes the pins off her tits and canes her tits. He bends her over the desk and canes her ass. He makes her crawl on the floor. He drips hot wax onto her ass and back. He has her sit on the floor and he drips wax onto her tits. Finishes with her blowing the guy. 62 minutes.    Sample Pictures    

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