S157 Asian S&M

Japanese Rookie Female Doctor - 1st scene, Dr ties up his pretty assistant and uses a vibrator on her. 2nd scene - she is roughly gang-banged by 4-5 guys while she cries, then they cum on her face and piss all over her face and tits. 3rd scene - brief scene of her all tied up and rolling around on the ground. 4th scene - She is now tied up wearing only small panties, a ball gag is put in her mouth and hot wax is poured on her tits and a few other areas. Now she is tied in a standing position so the Dr can whip her, she keeps turning, so he ties one knee up off of the ground so she can only stand on one leg as he whips her.. by the end of the whipping, she is a crying, druelling mess!! Just because this is consensual doesn't mean it isn't hard on her!!          Sample Pictures     More Pictures

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All of our videos are performed by consensual actors over the age of 18. Genitals are covered as per Japanese law.
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