S160  Asian bondage

1st scene, woman with very long hair, wearing red latex is tied standing up with her hands above her head, blindfold, whipped, latex outfit is removed, breasts are tied up, she is suspended facing down, tied in almost a hogtie position... He spins her round and round, pulling her long hair, then lowers her to the ground and spanks her ass. She is suspended again and whipped while she spins around. He also plays with her pussy and ass while she's suspended. When he finally lets her down and unties her, there are some good rope marks on her body.
2nd scene - 2 guys work on this lovely young lady.. she wears a collar and leash, which goes to the ceiling, they pull on it pretty hard to keep her standind up straight and to choke her occasionally.. her breasts are tied up, then one leg is raised and tied almost even with her head, but she has to keep her balance or the collar will choke her. Now she's whipped, then hot wax is used on her tits and leg, the candle is BIG, with about a 6 inch flame that they use to scare her. Then the wax is poured on her pussy... now she gets fucked, then more wax, one guy jerks off in her face while the other one pours more wax on her. She cries some during the scene, but is smiling after the scene.
3rd scene,This is the hardest scene... Very cute woman is tied up and suspended off the ground in a standing position with one leg pulled way up behind her back, she is whipped on her ass, tits, legs, etc. Then he uses a long flat board, like a flat cane, on her ass. He lets her down and then ties her hands up abover her heard to use a longer whip on her. He puts welts all over her back, ass, and stomach with the long whip. Very intense whipping session! Now she is tied so that she is on the ground, on one knee with the other leg tied up above her so that he can pour hot wax on her. He COVERS her ass, lower back, and thighs with hot red wax...and he doesn't pour it from several inches away, he pours it from about 1 inch away! also pours it directly onto/into her pussy and asshole! He pours more wax on her stomach.. then unties her and comforts her some.. she was crying during parts of the scene but smiles and laughs with him after the scene...
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