Slavesex 79     Hard S&M w/FISTING
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  Two military guys abuse an attractive blonde prisoner probably in her 30's. Nice HARD corporal punishment with a long slapper and a unique kind of raquet paddle. They really smack her ass HARD, she tries to drop to the ground and one guy holds her in a sort of head lock so she can't get away why the other one continues to punish her. Also a little bit of choking and LOTS of hair pulling.. Her ass shows the seriousness of their punishment! One guy holds her head in the toilet while the other continues to beat her ass. LOTS of clothespins on her tits and pussy, also use a medical clamp on her thighs, this REALLY gets her SCREAMING!! We also get to see her pussy piercings, nice little rings. Also uses the medical clamp to clamp and twist her nipples. Now the guys lay her down, and one guy with pretty big hands starts to fist her, he doesn't warm her up at all, just shoves his hand in about as fast and rough as he can.. and he fists her for a VERY long time, really shoving and twisting, VERY ROUGH FISTING! The other guy is slapping her face and tits while she's being fisted. Fisting guy pulls his hand out but decides to fist her MORE! After fisting her again, they use a small whip and crop to punish her pussy and ass some more, then out comes a dildo, but it's NOT for her pussy!! One of the guys shoves the dildo right into her ass, and fucks her ass HARD with the dildo, twisting it, shoving it left and right.. He pulls it out and grabs a larger dildo!! He fucks her ass HARD with the new dildo, other guy uses the slapper to whack the dildo while it's all the way up her ass, then uses his boot to kick the dildo further into her ass!! Now they start using a slapper on the soles of her feet, really smacking HARD, also uses the slapper DIRECTLY on her pussy several times! Next comes the electrodes and control box, they shock her pussy a while then her tits. Then we get a good look at how bruised her ass is, there is a purple bruise the size of a large hand on her ass! We've caught glimpses of it during the video, but now we get a good look at it. Time for the cane! You can hear every whack of the cane on her ass, she tries to covers her ass with her hands, but it doesn't help. When they finish caning her, there are several new marks on her ass! They put her on the toilet and leave her... VERY rough S&M, Fisting, and dildo ASS Fucking! 60 minutes   
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