SlaveSex 86

Older Dom blonde with big tits is dominating a plain looking blonde with a VERY nice body, great tits with pierced nipples. Dom makes the slave sit in a chair that has some kind of little circles digging into her ass, ties her hands to the chair.. she runs ropes through the slave's nipple rings, ties them to a bar and uses a hoist to lift her tits by the nipple rings, then starts slapping her nice white tits! Dom then uses a crop to beat her tits. Dom blindfolds the slave and starts sticking long needles all the way into her tits. She puts about 10-12 needles in each tit, making a circle all the way around each tit, and the needles are not in there shallow, they go straight in, about 2 inches! Dom pushes all the needles in harder, then takes off the blindfold so the slave can see her needle covered tits! Now comes the electrodes! 2 electrodes on each tit, she only uses these for a minute or so, and the slave is BEGGING her to turn them off. Now the dom uses candles and a crop to torture her tits (with needles) and stomach. The slave is now openly crying. Dom pulls the needles out of the slave's tits, blood starts to flow, but she wipes it all off and unties her nipples from the bar above. Dom unties her from the chair and we see little circles all over her ass from the chair. Dom ties her to rings in the floor, uses a lifted spreader bar to raise her legs, ties her nipples so they are stretched, and COVERS her tits, stomach and pussy with hot wax, then crops her pussy and ass until she's crying again. Next the slave is standing up, bent over with her head and hands locked into an old style stocks. Dom ties the strings from her nipples so they are stretched, it looks like she might pull the piercings right off! Dom sticks needles all over her ass, about 10 in each side. Dom slaps the needles harder into her ass then starts pulling them out, leaving blood trails all over her ass. Dom pours alchohol into her gloved hands and spanks her ass with it, the blood drops keep coming... now she paddles her ass that is still bleeding. Next she uses the crop to beat this red bloody ass, the slave is crying out and trying to lean away, but there's nowhere to go! The slave is untied and made to clean up the area. 60 minute video   Cover Pic
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